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Vital Therapy -Texas was formed in early 2008 to serve as the sole Texas distributor of the Vital Therapy line of health and beauty aids. Vital Therapy is a complete line of products for skin care and for anti-aging that are completely free of toxic ingredients.

Even if you are very satisfied with the skin care line that you are using now, Vital Therapy Products could serve as a “power boost” to what you are using now.

Our products are cosmeceuticals, developed based on results and science. Naturopaths develop every single product. These are “powerful treatment products”. They are advanced products including bio-peptides. Our peptides are advanced face firming cosmeceuticals.

Use Vital Therapy daily and you will be blown away by the results. Blown away by the magic it produces: radiance, luminosity, improve your skin texture and tone, eliminates fine lines and wrinkles, and works on deep lines as well. It is the most advanced system on the market.

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