Vital Therapy were developed by a pharmacist and naturopathic practitioner in Denver, Colorado. Vital Therapy products have been safely used by Colorado physcians and their patients for many years. Now, Vital Therapy Texas brings these amazing products to the Texas market.

Vital Therapy Texas is the wholesale distributor for the State of Texas. If you would like to carry Vital Therapy Products in your business, call or write today!

Private labeling is available.
Wholesale Inquires only, please.

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is the finest anti-aging, non-toxic, skin care products available for men and women. Vital Therapy products contain only “chirally correct”, cutting edge nutrients which are synergistically combined to achieve the most rapid and effective anti-aging skin care available today. Vital Therapy contains only the finest ingredients.
Vital Therapy is FREE of:
• Toxic preservatives;
• Dyes;
• Fillers; and
• Fragrances

Vital Therapy products are topically applied nutrients that can build collagen and elastin, provide antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, hydrating compounds and skinsoftening exfoliating compounds. The essential nutrients are enclosed into a non-toxic vehicle to act as anti-aging protection, oxygenating, regenerating, rejuvenating, repairing, nourishing and balancing skin metabolism. The nutrients encourage skin cell reproduction, circulation, and most importantly, produce real, cumulative, beneficial, long lasting, visible results.  


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